December 11th: The Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas

soldiers night before christmas

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December 10th

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“Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas”

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It is not the night before Christmas, I wanted to publish this “Soldiers’ Night before Christmas” a little ahead of time It meant so much to me when my husband was deployed last year.

To all service members that are NOT at home for Christmas! You have thousands of thoughts and prayers with you!

The Soldiers’ Night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the base
Only sentries were stirring – they guarded the place.
At the foot of each bunk sat a helmet and boot
For the Santa of Soldiers to fill up with loot.

The Soldiers were sleeping and snoring away
As they dreamed of “back home” on good Christmas Day.
One snoozed with his rifle – he seemed so content.
I slept with the letters my family had sent.

When outside the tent there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my rack to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Poked out my head, and yelled, “What was that crash?”

When what to my thrill and relief should appear,
But one of our Blackhawks to give the all clear.
More rattles and rumbles! I heard a deep whine!
Then up drove eight Humvees, a jeep close behind.

Each vehicle painted a bright Christmas green,
With more lights and gold tinsel than I’d ever seen.
The convoy commander leaped down and he paused.
I knew then and there it was Sergeant McClaus!

More rapid than rockets, his drivers they came
When he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
“Now, Cohen! Mendoza! Woslowski! McCord!
Now, Li! Watts! Donetti! And Specialist Ford!”

“Go fill up my seabags with gifts large and small!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away, all!”
In the blink of an eye, to their trucks the troops darted.
The engines did flutter, they sputtered, then started.

The armored moved out – it was “Duty or bust.”
McClaus disappeared in all of the dust!
As I drew in my head and was turning around.
Through the tent flap the sergeant came in with a bound.

He was dressed all in camo and looked quite a sight
With a Santa hat added for this special night.
His eyes – sharp as lasers! He stood six feet six.
His nose was quite crooked, his jaw hard as bricks!

A stub of cigar he held clamped in his teeth.
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.
A young driver walked in with a seabag in tow.
McClaus took the bag, told the driver to go.

Then the sarge went to work. And his mission today?
Bring Christmas from home to the troops far away!
Tasty gifts from old friends in the helmets he laid.
There were candies, and cookies, and cakes all homemade.

Many parents sent phone cards so soldiers could hear
Treasured voices and laughter of those they held dear.
Loving husbands and wives had mailed photos galore
Of weddings and birthdays and first steps and more.

And for each soldier’s boot, like a warm, happy hug,
There was art from the children at home sweet and snug.
As he finished the job – did I see a twinkle?
Was that a small smile or instead just a wrinkle?

To the top of his brow he raised up his hand
And gave a salute that made me feel grand.
I gasped in surprise when, his face all aglow,
He gave a huge grin and a big HO! HO! HO!

HO! HO! HO! from the barracks and then from the base.
HO! HO! HO! as the convoy sped up into space.
As the camp radar lost him, I heard this faint call:

Permission to reprint By Trish Holland
Written by Christine FordAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Christine Ford and Trish HollandAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Trish Holland

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  1. My favorite duty station (as a spouse) is Germany. Even though I would like to head back soon, Germany is a lovely area to be stationed at. The livelyhood of the people, the language is not too difficult, the people are friendly, and you can’t beat the Christmas markets –this time of year. The food is outstanding here in Germany also!! :)

    TY! I would love to enter your Dec. 11th giveaway! My email is jaslinn77 at yahoo dot com

  2. My favortie duty station was Travis AFB. It was close to my family. It is a great location for doing anything in any weather! I love the weather. I miss it!

  3. Our favorite Duty Station has been NAS Point Mugu in California. Loved being right by the beach!

  4. My favorite duty station is right where we are… Bangor, WA. Temperate winters (while we are having three inches of rain and 50 degrees… my hometown in Michigan is having several feet of snow and sub zero temperatures). Also, the summers are perfect; 70-80 and sunny every day. I live just hours from rainforests, deserts, mountains, year-rounds skiing and white water rafting.

  5. My favorite duty station was Germany. There was so much to see from the castles and fest to just the restuarants. You were never bored because you could always walk downtown and enjoy the “economy” as we used to call it.

  6. I loved Wiesbaden, Germany! Apparently I am not the only one who enjoyed Germany. The food is great, the locals are friendly, there is always something to do either on or off post. We got to travel and see so many new places! but 3 years just wasn’t long enough… I want to go back! I loved the USO!!!

  7. Favorite duty station is Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I love the helicopters, history, and the area surrounding the 101st Airborne Division.

  8. My favorite duty station was Germany. It was a wonderful family environment. It was very bad timing though, we were there during september 11th. Other than that it was great, I have lifelong friends that I will be in touch with forever.

  9. Loved Heidelberg, Germany

  10. I only knew Bragg since that’s where my husband was stationed when we first met…now we’re in Germany and I LOVE the KMCC (Kaiserslautern/Ramstein AB) mainly because their PX is all inclusive and is a one-stop shop for us.


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